EAC Sponsored Awards

Criteria for Emeriti Alumni Lifetime Achievement Award

This prestigious award is presented annually by the Emeriti Alumni Council to deserving candidates who have distinguished themselves in their communities and who have honored and served Weber during their lifetime.

Many Weber alumni have achieved much in their lives but have not yet been honored by their alma mater. The Emeriti Alumni Council Awards Committee will give first consideration to those candidates who have not received other WSUAA awards or an honorary degree from WSU.

Any candidate for this award must be (1) a living, former student who attended Weber for at least two terms, a minimum of forty years ago; (2) one whose life has been characterized by dedication and service; (3) one who has distinguished himself/herself with a lifetime of achievements in his/her chosen pursuits.

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Criteria for Emeriti Alumni Homecoming Royalty

The Emeriti Alumni Council honors annually, as Homecoming Royalty, a man and a woman, or a married couple who are eligible for designation as Emeriti Alumni, having attended Weber 40 years ago a more.

Nominees must have demonstrated an enduring allegiance and uniquely nurturing association with Weber. Consideration will be given to activities and accomplishments as Weber College students, service to Weber and/or the WSU Alumni Association and career and/or community activities and achievements.

Completed nomination forms must be received by Weber State Alumni Relations no later than April 30th of each year.

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Criteria and nomination guidelines for the Emeriti Alumni Council Purple Paw Award

This award is presented monthly by the Emeriti Alumni Council in recognition of special achievements or contributions made by current or former Wildcats to Weber State University or to our community at large. The certificate is signed by all council members and usually presented at an EAC council meeting.

The recipients are Wildcats selected from current students, former students, WSU faculty and WSU staff members. Selection is based on a nominee’s exceptional, unusual or long term contributions and service to the University and/or to our community.

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